PHP Web Installer

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Webinstall is a compressed web-based installer for PHP scripts. It can be setup to configure an existing script, download new updates from the web, or pack the compressed files into the installer.
2006-09-22Beta-5 is out! Still way to many bugs to be considered stable. Downloading files now works better, and you can specify multiple files to fall back upon, in the event the main file is no longer available. You can also create a .tar.gz or .bz file alongside the installer now, with the genetateTarGz function.
2006-04-21Various things have changed in the new version, updated documentation. I will be looking farther into how to make this a practical solution to creating software releases (The next version will allow you to create a .tar.gz file along with the installer, and installing over FTP).
2006-03-11New release out! Support for downloading files and decompresing them is available.
2005-10-07Support for running SQL and adding custom forms will be out with the next release.